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Compass Rose.

We will engage you in appropriate risk-taking on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels. The strategy of every challenge course is to build teamwork and develop individual skills. Four Winds is the oldest, largest and most highly accredited challenge course in northern California.

Our full-day and custom-designed courses are held on and off-site and can be designed to achieve your specific corporate, group or individual goals. A day with Four Winds creates professional growth and enhances personal enrichment.

Four Winds also helps integrate new members into your corporation, class, group, team or club.

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  • Full-Day Courses
  • Custom-Designed Courses (on and off-site)
  • Leadership Development
  • Certification for Four Winds Facilitators:
    The most comprehensive and intensive ropes course training available in the industry.

Middle School Students Take on New Challenges

The AVID students from Lawrence Cook Middle School in Santa Rosa joined 25 leadership students to take on the challenges of the Four Winds Ropes Course. With AVID’s emphasis on collaboration, this was a perfect opportunity to build the sense of community that would make AVID a success . . . the day-long experience helped students get acquainted with their new AVID classmates, raise self-esteem, and create a "can-do" attitude. Students engaged in trust-building and team-building activities throughout the day . . . In reflecting on the day, students commented that they came home with new friends and a feeling of tremendous accomplishment. They remarked that they surprised themselves by taking such risks and they appreciated their classmates' support and encouragement.

—Sonoma County Office of Education.